Meal times are an important part of our day here at Chatsworth and we know the importance of having choices. We are flexible with our meal times and although we do encourage residents to eat in our large and airy dining room in order to maintain social contact, we do respect their choice should they prefer to have their meals in their rooms.

Our cooks are very adaptable and cater to many different dietary requirements including diabetes and soft diets. They are very diverse in their approach to cooking what the residents would like and we like to change the menus as per the seasons. Our cooks bake fresh cakes, muffins etc regularly.

All food at Chatsworth is cooked fresh daily; we use local fresh vegetables, fruit and salads delivered to the home daily.

As well as breakfast, lunch and tea we also offer a selection of sandwiches crackers and cheese etc for supper every evening.

We welcome suggestions for new menu ideas as this helps to keep meals interesting as well as informing us of the residents preferences at that time.