Chatsworth is a modern well maintained home which is registered for 26 residents. We have a large lounge which is light and airy with a large wide screen television. In the lounge we have two sets of  doors which lead onto an enclosed patio area that overlooks the gardens and main road. As soon as the sun decides to arrive we encourage our residents and their families to use the patio as and when they wish, the staff also use it to do their activities with the residents.

The bedrooms at Chatsworth all vary in size and décor, this is because we like to ensure that the rooms are personal to each individual resident. We like our residents to personalize their rooms, they can bring in their own furniture, hang pictures on the walls, change rooms around to suit their needs, have their rooms painted a colour that they like, have a telephone installed, papers delivered to their rooms etc.

We believe that when a resident walks into a bedroom with items that they remember and are familiar with then feel settled and feel that they belong there.

We have 22 single rooms and 2 double bedrooms—9 of our bedrooms are en-suite. Residents have pro filing beds which are adjustable to meet their needs and all beds have pressure mattresses on them..

Bathrooms and toilets are adapted to help promote independence among the residents.

Security in the home is paramount-and while we like to promote residents being able to go around the home at their leisure we also like to ensure their safety—therefore all exits to the home are security coded.

We encourage visiting at any time and welcome families to borrow our wheelchairs in order to take their relatives out for an hour or two or a day or even on holiday. We feel that access to friends and family is essential and therefore this prompted us to instal wi-fi internet access throughout Chatsworth, this enables residents to send and receive emails and Skype to relatives and friends wherever they are in the world. The computer equipment we purchased is specifically designed for people with Dementia.

We have a car park which enables easy access for residents/visitors with mobility problems.